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Did you know ?

imageDoes your home have an emergency escape route in the basement? Did you know you can increase the real estate value to your home by adding a egress door or window to the basement?

Both the Ohio Residential Code, Section 4101:1029 , and the International Residential Code, Section R310, require an egress window in any below level bedroom. An egress window is a window with an opening of no less than 5.7 sq.ft, the bottom of which must be no higher than 44 inches from the inside finished floor. You must be able to open the egress window from the inside without the use of any locking device.

Egress windows are installed  below ground level therefore, a window well is  required. The window well must meet certain requirements in order to ensure a person is able to craw out in the event of an emergency. The window well must have an area of at least 9 square foot, and should be at least 36 inches from the foundation wall. If the window well is deeper than 40 inches, it must be equipped with some form of ladder or steps with the first step no more than 18 inches from the ground and other steps no greater than 12 inches apart.

Aside from code requirements, there are other benefits to having an egress window in basement living space.  If all the other amenities required by building codes are also met, it can be counted as square footage of “habitable space” your home provides. This can be added to your real estate, thus increasing the value of your home.

Egress windows can greatly transform the look of your finished basement. They allow natural light to flow through the space, all while providing safety for you and your loved ones.

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Foundation Cracks

Do you know how to recognize signs of a settling house? Let’s talk about some of the most common signs, that often times get overlooked.

The most obvious indicator is your driveway. If it’s starting to crack, there’s a good chance your foundation is as well and needs inspected by a professional. A crack on the interior or exterior walls of your home is also a pretty clear sign that something is wrong.
Other indicators aren’t as blatantly obvious. For instance, new drafts coming through window frames and door jambs are also great indicators that your house is settling may no longer be level. You may also notice doors that don’t latch properly, catch on the floor, or become hard to close and open. When your house shifts, the door and window frames shift with it, and while the frame no longer has those perfect 90 degree angles, the doors or windows themselves still do.
Another sign is furniture not sitting level. Sometimes, this could be a problem with the furniture itself, but if all the legs seem to measure up properly and you still feel like you’re sitting on an ancient barstool, this could be an indication of bigger problems.
Lastly, excess moisture by your baseboards could potentially mean there are structural issues. In some instances, this is only a baseboard problem. However, more often than not, it means ground water is getting in through foundation cracks.
If you have noticed any of these signs in your home, call us today to schedule an inspection and free, no obligation estimate (614)-286-3534.


Spring is Almost Here, What Does That Mean for You and Your Home?

As spring arrives, so does severe weather and thunderstorms. Each season poses different problems for home owners, and every season is different.  Let’s take a look at what spring is doing to our region.

Frost Heaves

Frost heaves occur when the moisture in the soil freezes.  Ice takes up more space than water, so as the ice crystals expand, so does the soil around them.  Then spring comes and those ice crystals melt, leaving air pockets and compacted areas of soil, altering the terrain.  Because of Ohio’s temperamental weather, this freezing and thawing can happen multiple times over the course of a winter (which only makes the problem worse).

Now, frost heaves don’t just affect our roads, they affect anything sitting on our soil.  So if you see a lot of new pot holes in your street or neighborhood, it might be worth your time to take a look around your home for the signs of settling that can lead to structural damage to your home.


When thunderstorms hit and bring those heavy rains with them, they knock out any air pockets frost heaves may have left as well as washing away some soil when the water finally drains away.  Thankfully a well-planted yard will help curtail that erosion, but it’s still important to check your home for issues after any major flood.

Spring time in Ohio can certainly wreak havoc on homes. Be sure to keep an eye out for damage to your home and contact a professional at the first sign of damage. In many cases, timely repairs can save you money and further damage.