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Beautiful Kitchen Cabinets


The single most used and viewed item in the kitchen are your cabinets. They set the style for the entire kitchen. Some of the most popular styles include farmhouse, rustic, traditional, modern or contemporary to name a few . Many high end features that used to be expensive upgrades, such as soft close doors and no slam drawers, typically come standard with quality cabinets. Styles that used to only be available in custom cabinets, are readily available to order for less.

What are some design tips in cabinet design that everyone is sure to love?

Increase and utilize extra storage options. With frame less cabinets you can gain up to ten percent more space that would otherwise be wasted space. Ten percent doesn’t seem like much, but  can really make a difference.  For some kitchens, a wall without cabinets make the space seem larger and the addition of a kitchen island can still insure ample storage. There are endless options that can add architectural details to the island such as corner posts or feet to give it that furniture look. With the added counter top space of an island, include a bank of floor to ceiling cabinetry to tuck away your heavier, bulkier items at counter top height that will be easier to retrieve and tuck away.

Create a focal point. Choose a different color section of cabinets on either side of your focal point if it is your oven. Include architectural details like a set of under cabinet corbels. If the stove is off to the side, have the center view be some glass door cabinets on either side of arched open shelving. This can be a great place to display heirlooms or that fancy china set that only gets taken down for special occasions and holidays. Another option is to include integrated cabinet panels to be placed on the front of the refrigerator and dishwasher to help not detract from the focal point. The continuity is more visually appealing.

Add personal details. What would help clear the clutter and facilitate activity in the kitchen? Does someone in your house love to cook? Cooks love pull out spice racks or drawers! Some people prefer storing everyday plates in large dish rack drawers with moveable pegs, rather than an upper cabinet. Specify roll out shelves for lower cabinets and add cabinets for trash and recycling. Create a pocket desk with a drawer to store and charge electronics. if you entertain often buffet style layouts can come in handy. Add a breakfast bar to the island that can be used as a buffet line. If there are multiple cooks in a home or if you have a large family , a second sink could also come in handy!

Consult a Professional. It’s important to know all the cabinet options that are available before planning your new kitchen remodel. Experienced kitchen designers will help give you ideas on how to customize a kitchen to your exact specifications and liking, all while keeping it functional and within your budget. Give us a call today to discuss what your dream kitchen cabinet layout looks like. A meeting with our kitchen designers can make that dream a reality in no time!