8 Mistakes You Make Remodeling Your Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling your bathroom into the latest and greatest thing in bathroom design is all well and good, but if you’re not aware of the rules of remodeling, you could end up with an unusable space. Here are 8 common mistakes that homeowners make when they’re doing a bathroom remodel. If any of these sounds like something you’ve done before or seen someone else do, don’t worry: we’ll show you how to avoid them so that next time around it doesn’t happen again! Be sure to read this article on bathroom designs for more ideas about what might be best for your home’s bathroom needs.

1. Not knowing what you want

When bathroom remodeling ideas seem uncommon and out-of-the-box, the bathroom still needs to retain an element of familiarity and comfort for both practical and emotional reasons. Find a bathroom that gives you an idea of what your bathroom should look like, or one that inspires you with new bathroom designs; don’t jump into a renovation before considering the bathroom design carefully. Pinterest is a great place to find ideas. If you would like to see ideas from what we have done, or if you are in central Ohio, feel free to contact us.

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2. Hiring inexperienced contractors

This point may be obvious, but if your budget allows for it, hire a licensed contractor instead of skimping on costs by hiring a handyman or less experienced contractor. You may know and trust the person you are working with; however, if something does go wrong, they do not have the insurance and bonding needed to finance the issues that may arise. You can read about some of those horror stories.

3. Cramming too many things into the bathroom

Often bathroom remodels fail due to a lack of planning. When you’re ready to start design, consider the bathroom’s function: will you be using it for just bathroom tasks or will it also serve as a bathroom vanity? Consider where your towel bar should go, and how much space should be devoted to your shower and shower accessories such as grab bars or shelves. Trust us when we say, space can be precious here.

4. Changing everything at once

For some people, bathroom remodeling can be a daunting task because there are so many decisions to make. If you want a complete change but don’t have the time or money, try making small changes over time to slowly create something new and different with greater value than if you tried to do it all at once with a limited budget.

5. Waiting too long to start bathroom remodeling

Yes, bathroom remodeling can be a daunting task, but don’t wait too long to start the remodel process once you have the design in mind. By doing so, you may find things become more complicated, especially if equipment begins failing in the bathroom. You may also find that your design keeps changing. You need to find an idea and stick with it, or you won’t make the change at all.

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6. Hiring a contractor without doing research first.

One of the more common bathroom remodeling mistakes people make is hiring a contractor without doing research. If you hire an uncertified bathroom contractor, they might take advantage and charge you more than you were expecting. You should always do your homework before bathroom remodeling. If you are in Columbus or the surrounding areas, give us a call. We are certified, licensed, and insured!

7. Skimping on bathroom design details.

Don’t skimp on the design details such as adding towel bars and shelves in the shower area or forgetting about where to place your toiletries. Doing so may not seem like a big problem at the time, but once the bathroom is complete, you will find you missed a great opportunity to fix the things that drive you crazy.

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8. Forgetting about lighting when designing your bathroom vanity area.

One of the bathroom design mistakes people make is forgetting about bathroom lighting when designing their bathroom vanity area. Lighting should be placed near the bathroom mirror, as well as over your bathroom sink, and it should match other bathroom lighting fixtures such as overhead bulbs. If you don’t have much for bathroom lighting, you can install an inexpensive bathroom light fixture on the ceiling or a wall sconce to provide extra illumination.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, so it’s natural to want to spend time and money remodeling this space. However, if you’re not careful about what bathroom design mistakes you to make during this process, you may end up with a bathroom that doesn’t look or function as well as desired. If you avoid these common bathrooms remodel errors before starting work on your bathroom project, then next time around it will be an easier task! If all of this sounds intimidating and you want help enacting these principles with Columbus area remodeling professionals who can offer expertise from start to finish for both residential and commercial projects alike? Let us know today – we’re ready to partner with you in making your bathroom look great!

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