April Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring is here, which means it’s time to take a look around your home and see what maintenance tasks you need to take care of this coming season. Whether you’re planning a spring cleaning project or you want to take care of maintenance issues before they become more serious, now is the time to get things on your home maintenance checklist checked off.

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Repel Pesky Mosquitos.

Summer is almost here, and with it comes the threat of mosquito bites. While it’s tempting to ignore the little blood-suckers, it’s essential to protect yourself and your family. 

Go through your yard and check for anything that could hold standing water. Be sure these are emptied of water and flip them upside down, or store them in an indoor location. Doing this will prevent mosquitos from breeding and being attracted to your lawn!

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Clean out the gutters.

Spring is here, and while we’ve been dreaming of warmer weather and longer days, it’s also a great time to clean up around the house. Gutters are usually one of the last things on the spring to-do list. After all, they’re up high where you can’t see them, so it never feels urgent to get to them, but when the leaves start to fall, you’ll be glad you did, because if you don’t clean your gutters, they’ll clog up and start leaking. That’s when it’s time to call in the pros like Tubaugh Remodeling to get the job done.

Check the air conditioning unit in your home.

As April arrives, the weather starts to warm up, and the days get longer. This means that homeowners should prepare for the upcoming warm weather by getting their homes ready for the season. This includes checking the air conditioning units. We suggest having a professional check and do maintenance on your air conditioner before the hot months begin. This will help you feel more comfortable and increase the performance of your air conditioning unit.

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Check your windows and doors.

April is an excellent time for updating your home’s interior and exterior. This spring, you can bring life back to your house with some simple home improvements. By changing your home’s windows and doors, you can increase energy efficiency, save money, and improve your home’s overall look. And, with a bit of planning, you can get started on these projects right now.

Basement Excavation

Check the basement for faults.

Because this is the month of showers, it is time to give the basement some attention. Before having your walls become ruined or basement flooding, you should do a once-over on your basement. Prevention now could save you big money in the future! If you need assistance with excavation and foundation fixing, let us know!

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Test the sprinklers.

It’s finally time to start getting that garden ready to go and the grass looking good. Don’t let a faulty sprinkler keep your garden from looking its best. Now is the time to get out there and give your sprinkler and hose a once over. Hopefully, you didn’t leave it out all winter, but if you did, it is essential to check on it now!

Clean your garage.

This month, let’s focus on cleaning up and maintaining your garage, a space that is often cluttered and disorganized. It’s time to throw things away that you don’t need, recycle that old motor oil, and organize those garden tools. You will be thankful you did this for the rest of the year!

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Stop ants and other pests.

Many people have problems with ants and other pests coming into their homes in the spring. Ants want to go where there is food. They find their way into homes through cracks in the foundation, poorly fitting doors, etc.  Now is a great time to spray around the home’s perimeter for these pests. Do not forget to check for Termites as well.

Get ready for that remodel.

Now is an incredible time to remodel that bathroom or kitchen. You’re family and friends will love the new look in your home when they come over this summer. Feel free to reach out to us for more information!

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