June Home Maintenance Checklist

We can do many things to make our homes more comfortable and functional, but one of the most important is to keep our homes well maintained and organized. For this, we’ve put together a list of home maintenance tasks you should be able to complete without too much hassle.

Change Air Filters

To keep that AC running smoothly, it’s time again to check the air filter. Air Filters should be replaced, at maximum, once every 90 days. Some AC pros say you should change that filter out once every 45 days. They believe that changing them this frequently will allow for max efficiency. Whatever you do, just be sure not to let it go past that 90-day mark. Your Air Conditioner will thank you, and so will anyone in your home with allergies!

Inspect floors for damage

It is an excellent time to inspect your floor to determine if there is any damage. A great place to start is around the toilet. If your floor is not carpet but feels soft and your toilet moves when sitting on it, then you can bet there is quite a bit of water damage under your toilet. It can cost a lot to repair, but it is better than falling through the floor! You should also check any other place that might have a leaky appliance.

Be sure to check your tiled floors for damage. You can also tap on each tile. If it sounds hollow when lightly tapping on it, the grout likely is worn or gone. Also, be sure to check any other flooring for rips or further damage; this happens especially around heavy appliances. Remember, if your washer or dryer moves quite a bit when active, it can cause floor damage.

Leaking Faucet

Check your faucets for leaks

Checking for faucet leaks will prevent wasting water and mold build-up. You can find many videos on YouTube that will help you to fix a leaky faucet, like this one.

Check Your Smoke Detector

Yep, this one is on the list again. But it would be best if you did it. With all the grilling and heat, fires are a risk this time of year, making it even more important to make sure your smoke detectors are working.

Remove Exterior Mold and Mildew

It’s time to power-wash your home. Get rid of all that nasty mold and mildew built up on the outside of that home. If you plan to have people over for cookouts and other outdoor activities, this is a must.

Inspect Kids Outdoor Equipment

With the warm weather comes more outdoor time, especially for the kids. Because we don’t want to spend our summer in the hospital or have our child in a cast through the summer, it’s best to inspect the play equipment. Be sure it is safe, no wood splinters are found, and be sure to treat the wood.

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