7 things To Do For Your Home in February:

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 1. Clear sidewalks and entryways of snow and ice. Not only can it be dangerous, but tracked into the house, it can become detrimental to your flooring. You should consider shoveling as soon as possible, and salt your drive before a storm. This will help prevent ice from building up. Don’t forget to take your shoes off on a rug, after entering, so you don’t ruin your flooring.

2. Clean the dryer vent (inside and outside). Letting lent build up in the dryer vent could make it so your dryer doesn’t work as well, and could be a fire hazard! It is essential that you clear your dryer vent of lent at least once a year. It is best to do so during the winter months as ice and snow can block the exterior vent.

February Check List
Sump Pump

3. Clean and test your sump pump. It’s time to clean out the pit of that sump pump in preparation for all of that melted snow and spring rain. Slowly pour a bucket of water into the pit to test if it is working properly. Sump pumps have about a 10 year life span, and you don’t want yours giving out at a time like this.

Bed Room Remodel

4. Clean and flip that mattress. Now is a great time to clean and flip your mattress before putting those sheets back on. This will help increase the lifespan of your mattress. If your mattress is worn, well now is a great time to look at getting a new mattress, with the Presidents Day sale. You’re welcome!

5. Check for leaks. With more snow, means more water. This is a great time to check for leaks in your roof, all the way down to your foundation. You will want to wait until the snow is melting, or the rain stops, and then it’s time to get into the attic and check for leaks. If you don’t catch them now, they could spell a big problem in the Spring when the rain is heavy!


Room Remodel

6. Review each room. Now is a great time to review each room to determine what needs a deep clean, what needs to be painted, and what needs to be remodeled. Sometimes a room can look great after a simple paint touch-up or a good thorough cleaning. Remember, if you need your home remodeled, you should contact us by clicking here.


7. Prepare for your home sale. If you are considering selling your home, then now is the time to make all of those preparations, before the spring and summer “selling frenzy” begins. If you are looking for a remodeling to be done to make your home more attractive, then reach out to us by clicking here.

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